Color Values not correct?

  • I am using RGB color black (0,0,0) and white(255,255,255) for drawing with paint tool, however when i save the file as a bmp, and check the file in HxD program it is showing the pixels are not the correct color being either off by a few values, for black Im getting (03 01 03) and white (FC FC FC) but I've drawn with 0,0,0 and 255,255,255

    is there a reason why this small value change happens because i need to draw in precise colors? also what do i need to do to make colors constant?

  • There are several color profiles from which to choose. In RGB, for example, you'll find Adobe RGB, Apple RGB, Color Match RGB, and so on. You need to use the correct Color Profile. Go to File>Preferences>Color Conversion. I'm not really an RGB guy so I'm not too familiar with how to fix an RGB issue but I think this is where you need to look for the fix.

  • thanks bah