New trouble with the download manager...

  • Since the upcoming problems with the latest update of poser 11 to 11.1
    in the last two month, there is more add to the report.
    It took me a week to research, what is missing in poser 11.1 because of the content update that is malefunktion again and again, until today.
    Nothing i have read her and in other sources led to a solution of the problem.

    One majore feature, that was announced to come with the update is the 3d-path.
    I pulled my eyes out of the sockets to find it, finaly i realized, it is part of the missing data from the content update.

    In my frustration i went back to poser pro 2014, to create a walk-animation for one of my clients.
    I tryed to download the files, only to discover that both, the update and content files are no longer avaible in the download manager.
    I left the dowload window open over night...nothing...empty.
    I even rebooted my internet router, just in case that the problem is on my end of the line...but everything else is working fine.
    This is looking like a bad, bad time for SM/Poser.
    Somebody else has made the same experience?