Panel borders are not anti aliased

  • I've just noticed that when I draw a diagonal border line with the Frame Border tool that it is drawn without any anti aliasing when I export the image (even though it draws with correct anti aliasing when I'm editing it in Clip Studio). How do I turn on anti aliasing on export?


  • I don't think the border is ever antialiased. However if you export it and reduce the resolution during export then it does try to anti-alias diagonals... but if it is much reduced then it generally makes a mess of it. I'm guessing that you have reduced resolution when exporting ?

  • @888toto Yes, I am scaling it down on export to about 20%. Is there a way to have it alias properly?

  • You get different antialiasing results with different choices of "Process when Scaling" in the export pop up window.... I suspect you will find the best result is to choose " For Illustration"... But also was it actually antialiased in the original picture ? ... even if the anti alias setting is set on the frame tools it will not be antialiased if the " Basic Expression Color" of the page when first creating the page was set to Monochrome ( often the default setting used for comic type pages).

  • @888toto Exporting as an illustration fixed the issue.