Rulers help

  • Hello guys i try to draw an eye's shape object and i need your advices/help/opinions. Here is a video of my work

  • Here an update Machine

  • My advice would be to get yourself a pencil and sketchbook and start drawing as many things as you can. Draw every day. Don't draw things like remote controls or soccer balls. Draw parked cars. Draw houses and street corners. Draw the people you see in buses, restaurants, cafes, and in the park. CSP isn't going to make you a better artist. It's a tool. You're relying on the program too much. This eye shape thing is like a technical drawing of an eye shape thing. What's the point of it? I know you want to draw comics. Stop wasting your time practicing vector ellipses. Spend more time drawing.

  • I think he can draw fairy well. He draws better than I can. He did a pretty good job creating that eye shape in CSP and by the way he did that me.

  • @garlam Thank you for your advice. But i thought that i was drawing until now. I mean i draw different things. I feel like my image is off. But do i relied on the app too much? I didn't realized it

  • @Abe32 When I say that you're relying on the program too much I mean that you aren't spending enough time drawing what you see. You're drawing things the way you think they look like. You need to draw things the way you see them. For example, which of the following things is the best representation of a building?


    All three images are the same thing but two of these images are not how people see the world around them. You need to draw things the way people see them. To do that, you need to step away from the computer and start drawing the world around you as you see it.

    Your eye machine image tells me nothing about it. Is it the size of an eye or the size of a head? Is it flat? It looks like you added some things in the eyeball part that might be a reflection on a convex mirror. So I can assume it has volume but is this eye machine stuck on a wall?


    Is it something that floats in the air?


    And what are these things reflected on the eyeball? Is that a door? A hatch? A crate? What is that grid thing? A vent? What are those other things? It's not an accurate depiction of what a sci fi door looks like (assuming it's a door). It's what you think a sci fi door looks like. I know a sci fi door is drawn from the imagination but you can't draw a believable sci fi door if you don't know how to draw real doors on real walls in real hallways.

    None of this means that you need to learn how to draw like Adam Hughes or Alex Ross. I dig a simple style. Check out the comics of Ben Sears. He's not drawing anything complicated but he understands how people see the world around them. I guarantee you he keeps a sketchbook and draws in it every day.