GIMP (current dev build) can now read exr files

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to let those of you who don't have photoshop, know that the latest Dev build of Gimp (2.9.8) can now natively read .exr files and the exposure tool can, well, adjust the exposure.I guess to be really useful you would have to render with no light clamping but it is another tool in the box of getting that perfect render


  • @amethystpendant Nice! I can't wait for a stable release! I have 2.8, and I've been using GIMP since 2.5. I can't afford photoshop at all...

  • to show how useful just the exposure tool is I cranked the lighting up 50x and rendere with no clamp, it was very white! the righthand side is as rendered the left has had the exposure level corrected!!!!

    alt text

    Original is
    alt text

    I'm using this, dev build or no, hell I use Poser all the time ;o)

  • @amethystpendant the real test would be sunlight into and enclosed structure with windows (a room) to see how "real" it looks. studio lighting doesn't need much help as it's bright enough as is.

  • I can see it's value, but I can wait for the stable release. I get enough from 2.8 as is right now. I would like to see them make a couple changes to the comic outline, but I'll post that on their site.

  • @ghostship If someone doesn't beat me to it I'll have a look

  • @amethystpendant said in GIMP (current dev build) can now read exr files:

    @ghostship If someone doesn't beat me to it I'll have a look

    Okay got a bit of time (fed up with making stockings and blouses and needed a break!)

    I set up a scene, single room, totally enclosed save for windows (I deleted a lot of the furniture which is why some things are floating :) I deleted all lights and added a single infinite light at 1000% strength. applied sand and sky texture to te construct and rendered with these settings
    alt text
    This was the result
    alt text
    I then changed the settings to
    alt text
    re-rendered and exported as .exr there was little difference due to the changes in clamping
    alt text
    I then opened the .exr in Gimp 2.9 and applied the default Mantiuk 2006 tone mapping and got this
    alt text
    Playing with some of the settings (blindly I admit) I got
    alt text
    A little warmer. I'm sure with more samples it could have been better, but it does show that there is light at the end of the sRGB tunnel even with OS software

    Okay back to the loom and sewing machine


  • So how does it do on shots that are not blown out with light?

  • @ghostship Thanks for that. I am on a really bad internet connection so I can't really watch it. I'll check it out when I get back in port and can get on a decent WIFI hotspot.

  • Just a reminder, if there's someone who still doesn't know:
    Gimp 2.10 is now available as an official release.

    Go and get it!

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