Initial Default Scene Gone

  • I completely reinstalled Poser 11 by uninstalling, and deleting all remnants of Poser 11. I then reinstalled it telling it to use a different content directory.

    After rebooting, I ran poser 11 and it complained that it couldn't find Andy2's obj file. I aborted, copied the runtime from a back up into the new directory, and ran poser 11 again.

    This time, Andy2 appeared in the start up scene as I would expect, but there was no background or lighting.

    Any ideas what happened? And, how to fix it?

    P.S. I've noticed that reinstalling doesn't ALWAYS accept an alternative drive and path. For example, I reinstalled pointing it to B:/user/documents (selecting the 2nd radio button on the screen where it asks if you want to use C: or a different path). It still installed on C: UHG. I uninstalled, did it again, and this time it accepted the B: location. This has happened TWICE now. Somewhere, the installer is holding on to old data or something.

  • @dbwalton What happens if you open Preferences and reset everything to Factory settings?

  • It doesn't change anything. It's just Andy 2 standing there with an empty background.

  • @dbwalton So the Construct doesn't load and there are no lights at all?

  • @dbwalton If there are no lights in the scene, how do you know Andy is standing in front of an empty background? It should be completely dark.

  • @eclark1849 That's good to know. So, there are lights then. What I don't see is the screen that looks like this with Andy2 in the center. The entire background behind Andy2 is the putty color you see on the floor in this scene.

    0_1519177498326_before importing bg.jpg

  • @dbwalton Okay, then that's the same thing I have. Now, go to the Materials library for Poser 11 and find the folder label The Construct. Making sure you have Ground selected in the scene, select the sky and sand material to load. If it loads your Poser scene is working fine.

  • @eclark1849 Nope, it won't load. When I drag it over it doesn't find GROUND. The cursor remains the little black box and never changes to the white one with check mark.

  • @dbwalton What happens if you select ground first, then double click the sand and sky Material? Because according to your screenshot you have a dome present in the scene.

  • @eclark1849 Nothing happens.

    I got tired of fussing with it, so I uninstalled and re-installed Poser 11. (That's about the 7th or 8th time today. Poser 11 has some serious file management issues. They've done a great job with the front-end and working with 3D, but how they manage their data files leaves something to be desired. I should be able to take a .pz3 file from machine A and open it on machine B without it telling me it can't find one of the files used to create the .pz3 file. This problem I had with the construct disappearing seems to be related. What made me decide to reinstall is after rebooting, selecting GROUND, and double-clicking on one of The Construct files, it said, "Not a valid poser file". It seems to be working now. I'm testing by opening various .pz3 files.)

  • @dbwalton Well, just for the record, I still think you DO have a Construct loaded already, BUT just so you know, you ALSO have a second Construct included with your Primitives in the Props library.

  • @dbwalton said in Initial Default Scene Gone:

    I should be able to take a .pz3 file from machine A and open it on machine B without it telling me it can't find one of the files used to create the .pz3 file

    Are the main runtime files installed in the default locations (Drive C) on both machines?

  • @dbwalton Also, you can set up the scene as you want it to load, then save that as your PREFERRED State to Launch in the Preferences.

  • @Deecey Yes, they are. Only the content is on another drive.

    @eclark1849 How would I check to see if the construct is already loaded? Wouldn't it appear in the drop-down lists?

    Update: It turns out that my next to the last install corrupted the directory structure. (My guess is the installer isn't closing all the file handles???) As a result I ended up having to do a chkdsk /r on the drive. Chkdsk took all night.

    I can unequivocally say that in 36 years of being a PC user I have never ran in to a software package that is this bad at handling it's data. They would do themselves a favor by concentrating on file/disk management. A lesson can be learned from how Adobe handles user content (including content places in Adobe's preset folder and subfolders.)

    When I first bought Poser 11, I was very tempted to go with the Pro version. I'm glad I didn't. While I admit my work style might be different than most. I need to be able to work on my office computer, and then work on the road without any internet access for extended periods of time. Currently it's being used in a learning/testing mode.

    I wonder how many others have been able to seamlessly jump from laptop to tablet to desktop using a common shared USB drive?

  • @dbwalton Basically, your groundplane and the Construct are the same thing. Remember when I told you to make sure your ground was selected when you added the sand and sky texture? Slect the ground and double click the texture in the library and it should load. Mine did. Your screenshot also has a horizon line. That's a clear indication that your Construct is loaded and in the scene.

  • I'm not sure if this situation applies, but I thought I'd ask just in case. Are you installing the P11 content over a folder that previously had all your Poser 10 content? Sometimes that can wreak havoc with file references.

    One way you can test this is to create a new folder for your Poser 11 content installation, and then just add the older content folder in as an external runtime.

    Just a thought.