Requesting help converting V4 Shoes to PE

  • Hi,

    Can anyone provide a step by step guide to converting V4 shoes (usually heeled) to Project Evolution, I'm a complete nube when it comes to the fitting / setup rooms (they are dark and scary)


  • I'll take a look later this evening to see if I can find a pair of heeled shoes in my runtimes and give a go at converting them. The only shoes I've fooled with so far were Rhiannon's "Bootz" which aren't heeled. If I can manage a pair of heels, I'll try to make a step by step of what I do.

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  • I have managed to convert a pair of high heel shoes that I originally made for V4. I will try to recall which steps I made to do this. Yesterday I made some shaders for it and I will post them on ShareGC as I promised.
    I have to say that I had to made some adaptions in Zbrush to make them fit nicely.

  • I gave it a go also, but the shoes I have are the pre bent heels, and didn't have to well of a success.

  • @rlowens68 said in Requesting help converting V4 Shoes to PE:

    I gave it a go also, but the shoes I have are the pre bent heels, and didn't have to well of a success.

    Okay, thanks so much for trying


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    Hi, thank you of reminding me. I'm a bit too busy these days, but I can see if I can make a kind of tutorial tonight.


  • @bopperthijs Thank you! it doesn't have to be really detailed just don't assume I know stuff :) What I mean by that is in the setup roon, its fine to say take to modeller and adjust to fit :)

  • The setup room is not necessary, just the fitting room and some knowledge about the joint editor. (poser 11 pro)

  • @bopperthijs see that shows how much I don't know! :o)

  • @amethystpendant
    I just redid the process with some other shoe and I will make some screenshots after dinner. It was easier than I thought.

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  • How here comes the tut. It took some time because I had to make some pictures.

    First I made a setup with ther PE manequin evolution skin and a clean V4 without any morphs. I inject the Pe shape in V4 and pose it to Pe. I saved this scene as Evo-V4-clothfitter for later use.

    0_1520202645577_Pe-V4 pose.JPG

    Then I make the mannequin invisble and load a shoe (or pair of shoes if there are two in one figure) and conform it to V4. In this case I used the pointed shoe of the five pair of pumps set of Idler168, but you can use any shoe.
    I made V4 invisble and the mannequin visible and went to the fitting room and made a new session:

    0_1520202991204_Feet en shoe.JPG

    The object is the shoe figure and the goal is the mannequin. The shoe may not be zeroed, but the mannequin does.

    And then I click "create figure" and give the shoe a rational name like "pointedshoe evo".


    Deselect all the bones and just click the lefttoe (the foot, shin,thigh and hip are automatically also selected)
    Check zero rotations and auto group and uncheck Transfer morphs ( you can still ad some morphs later if necessary)
    And press ok.

    When back in the pose room delete the original shoe or make it invisible. (before you do that, you can transfer the original morphs of the old shoe to the new shoe with copy morphs if necessary)
    Select the new shoe and conform it to the mannequin, bend the foot and the toe of mannequin to make it looks allright posed.
    Open now the joint editor and select the toe of the shoe:
    0_1520203528456_Joint editor.JPG
    Select "bend" and make the falloff zones inactive, do the same for twist and sides.
    Now save the shoe in a new map of the evo figure runtime.
    Start a new scene. Load Evo and load and conform the shoe. Bend the foot and toe of evo to the make the shoe nicely posed. (if necessary make ground invisible or raise Evo a bit)
    The shoe will look like this:
    0_1520203962545_Before morphingtool.JPG
    It doesn't fit but with the morph tool or ZBrush we can make it fit.
    I usually use Zbrush, but because not everyone has Zbrush I used the morphtool instead ( just loose fit and the smooth brush)
    This is how looked after it :
    0_1520204105069_After morphing tool.JPG

    Much better! If satisfied you can now save the final shoe, and delete the former saved one.

    If any questions, please ask.

    Best regards,


  • I forgot something, when you are in the jointed editor, select the weightmap brush of the bend settings of the toe and deselect the heeltip, by brushing it to zero, otherwise the heel will bend if you bend the toe.
    Do the same for the twist and the sides.


  • Another thing I forgot: before use the morphtool , set the fit for shoe morph of evo:
    (not the heel fit, that won't work.)

  • @bopperthijs Thank you so much for this! I will definitely give it a go now I have the basics all spelled out!


  • You're welcome. It is not perfect, but it's a start. I noticed I still have to work on the weightmapping process.

    Best regards,


  • I have a possibly dumb question, if you load the shoe is it a flat based one, or one that is already bent and requires the v4 fit heels morph? As that is the kind of shoe I was trying to work with and had no luck .

    Screenshot to show what I'm talking about.

    0_1520233771471_Flat VS Bent.jpg

    Flat Conformer VS Needs V4 Heel Morph.

    And thank you very much for the detailed tutorial :)