parameter dials unresponsive

  • Hi, I have been trying to fix this problem in poser pro 2014 since I bought the program in 2014.

    What happens is that randomly, mostly after working in a scene for a while, the parameter dials stop being responsive. Other functions still work, including the ability to manipulate scene objects, lights etc. with the mouse, but the dials simply refuse to work. Sometimes I have to restart poser several times to get the parameter dials to start working.

    It makes no difference what size the scene is, what obj I use, 3rd party, or native.

    Here is a link to a video I made illustrating the problem;

    It was suggested on an other forum that it might be a RAM issue, but I dove into that and found that Poser was using less than 1 GB RAM during the process, leaving me about 12GB RAM free - so I am pretty sure that is not the problem.

    Invariably I have to restart poser - I cannot simply reload a scene, the problem stays until I restart poser.

    Interestingly, I have another copy installed in win 8 on a virtual machine (on my mac desktop) that does not have this issue, albeit it is sluggish and not a preferred way to use my resources for this app.

    I have sent a ticket for this about 5 times over the past few years, and SM stops responding -just like the parameter dials!!

    This seems to be a rather rare and obscure problem, but I've all but ruled out my mac. The problem is in Poser. SM won't fix it or acknowledge the problem, so I am at a loss.

    I would rather use my mac, even though I have other options including a win 10 laptop that does not have theses issues -albeit only having 8GB of RAM. Its slow but it works.

    I initially upgraded my mac to Yosemite because of this problem, and it made no difference.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hmm... have you looked at the limits in the parameters?

    I once had a similar problem in Windows; some parameter unexpectedly changed the high and low limits to 0, and had Use Limits on so it wouldn't change anymore. I just copied the high/low values from another parameter and that fixed it.

    But, as far I remember, that happened only once to me in a specific file. I don't recall that happening again.