About reorganising folder contents

  • Folks - I sometimes feel I should simply chuck the hair CR2s and PP2s into the HR2 folder, and change all their file extensions to HR2. Would this be a safe thing to do outside of Poser using File Manager (I use Windows) ? I feel that it may make searching for a hair asset so much more convenient in theory, but would doing this break anything ?

    I recall in the very early Poser era, some creators would put Pose files into the CM2 or LT2 folders with file extensions changed respectively. That was to save space in the crowded Pose folder.

  • Do you use posers built in library to load files? If so I believe in the newer versions (possibly 9 & up) it doesn't matter where you put them poser built in library will read them. I know for certain that I have cr2 some things in props folders.

  • I think you'd only have a problem if said files have calls to pmd or other cr2 etc that need to be in a certain place and you have not edited the cr2 to point to the new locations for them.

  • I'd make them .pp2 files instead of .hr2. I find that if your figure already has a .hr2 on and you choose another one it gets replaced rather than added like you can do with a .cr2 or a .pp2. I sometimes combine hairs to get unique looks and by using .hr2s it's not possible.

  • as rlowens68 said, if you use a more recent version of the library, you can put them in the folder of your choice without changing the extension. I do it all the time. It also works if you use the library in browser workaround.

  • @redphantom Exactly what I've been doing as well, though the browser viewing of my Library has only been available since P11/PP11 came out.

    I prefer to keep things in folders which make accessing them more convenient so, for example, if a set of clothing has something in .pp2 format so it can be set up as dynamic in the Cloth Room, I'll put it in a subfolder of the main clothing .cr2 folder. That way I don't have to go to another library to find it. It's right there.

  • Thanks, Everyone. I'll give it a try.