Can you copy Master dials?

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    Is there a script or another way to copy master dials from left side of a figure to the right side?
    And can you copy Master dials from 1 figure to another?

  • @Batman on the second question, if you select the body (or any other) actor of a particular figure, and use the Edit>Copy menu, or it's keyboard shortcut, you can paste the contents of the clipboard into a text editor, and see that it contains a Carriage-Return separated list of tab-separated values, which contain the Actor name, frame number, parameter name, interpolation type, value, and parameter type code.

    Selecting another figure of the same type in the scene, and choosing Edit>Paste, or it's keyboard equivalent, will certainly paste the dial values copied from the original figure to the appropriate actor of the second figure.

    The problem in the original question is that there is no standard, guaranteed naming convention for chiral (left and right handed) parameters. Many figures will use the words "Left" and "Right" in the parameter names, or commence or conclude with an 'L' or 'R' of any case. Poser itself, will append an '_l' and '_r' to the selected parameter when creating Split Morphs (from the parameter's contextual menu). To be sure to identify valid chiral parameter pairs, or indeed a morphform which performs a left-right rotation, such as Twist (Y-Rot) or Side-side (Z-Rot), whose values ought to be negated to mirror or LR-swap a pose (or even zeroed, if you want the pose to be symmetrical), requires some kind of per-figure-type template to be available to the script.

    If a user creates their own chiral morphs or symmetry morphforms, they would also have to be identified and incorporated and incorporated into such a figure symmetry template.

    Ockham (David Drumwright) has a Morph Mirror script: which may do what you want. (Assuming it works on your system. Last time I looked it used Tkinter and was incompatible with MacOS versions of Poser)

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    Yeah, I thought it might be the old hard way. I don't use morphs at all. It's all bone poses for hands, arms, legs and feet so I had hoped for something like "left to right" like Poser has for poses and morphs. Just not for dials yet.
    I tried copying the values from one master dial to another but that didn't work.

    I've sent a feature request to Smith Micro to copy Master dials from one side to the other.