Settings file before a reinstall?

  • I am going to reinstall CSP, but which files do I need to save for all my settings?

    Just got my wacom back from the shop. They switched the glass to try to solve a mysterious touch issue I have.
    Then, I had to redownload wacom drivers cause something wonkey was happening.

    Now, I have lag where I didn't before on the same file. I see some older posts talking about lag, but no responses with solutions, or what worked for the op's. 9x12 in canvas, 600dpi, size 30 pencil but size 5 eraser and both have lag. I think I was getting a little lag before, but now it is really bad.

    [ W10
    I7 6700k
    1080 gpu
    Z170i mobo}

  • Sorry, I got it. It was the files in documents, CELSYS_EN.

    I reinstalled CSP, and all my settings are OK, and the lag is gone. Still a little lag, but from the file size, I am not disappointed.

    Also, hell. I need some reputation points now?

    0_1519413864721_Screenshot 2018-02-23 11.23.17.png