Update Question

  • Hello! I just made a pretty standard install of Poser 11, and everything is working great. Then, I checked the updates, on the downloader, and updated that. The content upgrades are giving me an odd error, however.

    (Note: the install of Poser 11 was perfectly normal, keeping the content on the same hard drive, yadda yadda...)

    Anyway, my error message is "Please locate a valid Poser directory."

    What should I do? :)

  • My question seems reasonable--should I have stated this differently?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    If you installed the full Poser 11 installers (version 11.1.034759) you are at the latest version.
    The updater for P11 fixed a bug in the update installer and got a later version number (

    If you upgraded from an older build, install the Nude Figures full installer - which contains the new content for the latest version.