Importing DAZ props into Poser - How to

  • @Deecey said in Importing DAZ props into Poser - How to:


    I used the same prop set in my "The North Remembers" image:

    Even though I rendered this in Octane I didn't do much material converting (there are SO MANY props in that scene!). After seeing Wim's render I think I better do that though. I was blown away when I saw his Octane material conversions. He's a master!

    That render's no slouch either Deecey. It just has more "mood" lighting as far as I can see. ~wink~

    Wim is very good at material conversions, that's obvious. I just wish I could use one of those external render engines, but I've not gotten into them. Maybe one day - month - year - decade. ~lol~

  • I really struggle getting some DAZ stuff into Poser; just when I think I've cracked it, a prop imports, is listed in the hierarchy but is invisible. I also get confused between all the differing folders - Architechture, Data etc.

    I've used DSON, DSONLoader. Looking at DSFToolbox just seems to confuse me even more. Don't even get me started on trying to add textures LOL.