How do I paint 武 in CSP using Default Brushes?

  • Hello World! The Japanese language, is a language that I once had one semester of 1st year of, 29 years ago. My Japanese teacher "Sumi-sensei" gave me the nickname of Takeshi (武). Back then, or 28 years ago, I had learned how to write 武 using my pencil & pen. I only took one semester of 1st year Japanese, only because I was traveling via Japan when I flew from USA (Seattle, Washington State) and the Philippines. (In high school, I took three years of Spanish...)

    Almost two years ago, I when I began learning how to draw & paint for the very first time, I decided to use Takeshi (武) as my digital artist nickname.

    When I purchased Clip Studio Paint Pro (CSP) for $20 in March 2016, I quickly learned that CSP, formerly known as Manga Studio, is a product of Japan and Smith Micro is the distributor of the American English language edition. After researching the Japanese site, I then learned that CSP, even though I am running the American English edition, authentic Japanese brushes are included, by default in my CSP installation.

    Now, my question is, since I do have a graphics tablet with pressure-sensitivity, how do I paint 武 using default brushes in CSP with proper strokes? I now live in the Philippine with no local Japanese friends. In Facebook, I do have a Japanese friend that lives in Washington State (when I used to live), but he is left-handed and admitted that he had forgotten the proper order of brush strokes.

    If there is a pictorial, not a Youtube video, available, then that would be better appreciated. I'm not interested in installing additional software nor seeing an animation. I'm not young, anymore, so I just need to see a step-by-step pictorial, and then, I can move on from there.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    As far as the default brush to use. ?? I just used the calligraphy brush.


    As an aside, I'm pretty sure this means Kung Fu in Chinese.

  • @garlam Thanks for the reply. Just today, I remembered I was learning Kanji back in my past. And, also today, my wife helped me choose a meaning.

    剛 (sturdy)

    Reference from

    As for the meaning... I vaguely remember my Japanese teacher said, Takeshi means "strong".

    A reference site says "military, martial":

    I decided to use "剛 (sturdy)" today. Bing translator gives the meanings as "Tsuyoshi, Takeshi, rigid, goji, gou, gang, Tuyoshi".

    Thanks for your help! :)