What are best PC parts and settings for better playback with really large animated scenes.

  • Hello,
    I'm about to build a new custom PC. I wanted to know what do I need to buy to get the best experience out of posers preview window when animating or setting up large scenes. Is it best to get more ram for better playback or whats the best CPU specs?
    Also, do not take rendering in poser into account. I use Octane Render poser plugin to render with GPU. I just need to know what are the [best PC parts and settings for better playback?


  • Hmm... that's an interesting question.

    More RAM the merrier, of course, but then after a certain point it will not add anything. Basically you'll need as much RAM as needed so that Poser will not paginate, which is basically to give as much needed to keep everything in memory, and that depends on your movie. But with memory so cheap nowadays, the more the merrier. I'm comfortable with 16 GB and I have 0 paginations, but my machine is old; nowadays 32 GB and 64 GB seem to be the norm.

    Now, Poser animation is basically single-core. There's a "multi-threaded bending" setting that theoretically would make Poser use multiple cores to tesselate the figures (that's used for the smooth surfaces). I never saw that ever having any effect on real-time playback, which ever single time I checked would always use a single core.

    Therefore, I'd say that you're looking for the best single-core performance. www.benchmark.com gives i7-8700K at 3.7 GHz as the king of single-core performance as of Feb-2018. $339 cpu - kind of bargain, actually; I'd very much counter-indicate Xeon CPUs or i9 CPUs as waste of money for this.

    By the way, single-core performance is evolving quite slowly nowadays; I bought my i7-4770K in 2013 as mid-to-top level, and it gives 2,250 specmark; 5 years later this i7-8700K gives 2,700 specmark.. not exactly a light-year away... that's why I'm not in a hurry to change CPU