Digi Art Quick Tools for CSP?

  • Has anyone heard of "Building Face paths" for Photoshop that was created by DC Comic Book artist Freddie Williams?

    I just sent him an email so I'm still waiting on response, but in the meantime, if anyone is familiar with it, have you attempted to create it?

  • I picked up the Building Face Paths from Freddie Williams. You need to use Photoshop to stroke the paths (a friend of mine with PS did that for me and it took a few minutes) and then export to PSD to import into CSP. From there you can register them as materials for use in your own projects.


    Once you see how he makes them, you can start to build your own library of these using CSP and vectors (rather than paths).

  • In the youtube video, Williams explains how to create depth in the window panes.


    To do the same in CSP requires a little extra prep work. When you import your PSD from Photoshop, place the line work layer in a layer folder and make the line work Monochrome with only the Black pixels showing. Then create a layer below the line work and fill the windows with black. Call this layer Black.


    Duplicate the fill layer and reverse the gradient (Edit>Tone Correction>Reverse Gradient). Call this layer White.

    0_1519588952189_white prep.jpg

    Drag the Layer Folder into the Materials palette. When you use this material it will include all three layers. . You'll make a selection around the building face and while on the Layer Folder layer, click Ctrl+Shift+T and everything will transform as one. When you want to add depth, use the Move Layer tool and move the White Layer.

    You only have to do this additional prep work once before adding the layer folder to the material palette.

  • Wow! These are really great alternatives. I was thinking on those lines at first but didn't plan out the details like you guys. I really didn't want to transform in pixels because of loss of quality.
    So I "WAS" going to import the stroked PSD file,...
    1). then trace over it with the Ruler subtool
    2). create and insert into a folder

    1. then to simulate Photoshop's "Combine Path" Put each component of the windows in it's own folder.

    But what I did so far to the Line work is converted it to a vector layer to preserve line quality.

    @garlam I like that white layer deal....Quick and dirty!