Export to DAE Collada or FBX with selected morph targets

  • Hey there,

    i'm currently struggling with exporting a human model and its facial morph targets.

    I tried to export different kind of human models (e.g. created with Adobe Fuse and Mixamo or the Poser internal human Simon or Ryan). Sadly with no success.

    Steps to reproduce my issue:

    1. Load Simon (or any other model)
    2. Select export to: COLLADA or FBX
    3. Select Single frame export
    4. Disable light, ground and camera
    5. In Export Options: disable "Bake all morphs"
    6. In Select Morphs: select all or a few morph targets
    7. Save...
    8. Reopen it in Poser or Blender. -> The morph targets are not included

    Does anybody has an idea? Since i am very new to Poser it could be that i'm doing something wrong...

    Best regards


  • Same here. This is a topic I see often when I want to export as a fbx and want to see what I'm doing "wrong". I've never seen it addressed from SM.