After a render Poser 11 stays loading/frozen for 45-60 seconds.

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    Note: it may have nothing whatsoever to do with fetching image data. It may be a wxWidgets problem.

    I haven't coded a wx UI in quite a while but last time I did, asking it to make a list of 50,000 things (even just a list of text) was asking for trouble in terms of responsiveness.

  • This could indeed be related to wxWidgets. I gave up on wxWidgets a long time ago because of its design flaws.

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    But trepleen said the reason he does this is to save progressions of his character development. That is all well and fine. But now I ask, what happens if he wants to undo some changes but not others. Let's say he likes the nose in image 3999, the mouth in image 4725, and the eyes in image 25000. The only way I can think of to recreate that combination is to dial morphs in and out.

    For each character I have anywhere from 5 to 20 different PZZ files saved through out their progression.

    I used to keep track of the progression with animation frames, but one time Poser corrupted a file during save and I lost all my work, so I don't risk putting a project into one file anymore. It's safer to save progression by having multiple PZZ files.

    I don't have a separate PZZ for each render, but the render cache gives me a general idea of what direction my progress is going.

    Does anyone know a way to batch convert all files in the render cache to PNG or JPG?

    While I don't necessarily buy into trepleen's use case, the fact is that the implementation is pretty illogical.

    If I were to program a basic thumbnail list box, I would load 10 thumbnails at a time depending on how far I've scrolled. Loading 10 thumbnails should take no longer than 1-2 seconds. That way it doesn't matter how many files are in the folder. After a render it should take no more than two seconds to export the the render and make a thumbnail. Then show thumbnails in order by date created. So all in all having a 1000 strong render cache should only add 4 seconds to the end of the render time tops.

    Also, it doesn't have to be 50,000. 1000 is okay, but it sucks that having more than 100 renders causes poser to unnecessarily and illogically hang for 45-60 seconds. I agree with you.

    One more thing. I understand the developers dilemma. You have a HUGE list of features and things you want to fix or add, but you don't have enough time to do them. I'm sure the Poser devs want to improve all these things, but sometimes they have to make the core of Poser their priority.

  • @trepleen said in After a render Poser 11 stays loading/frozen for 45-60 seconds.:

    Does anyone know a way to batch convert all files in the render cache to PNG or JPG?

    Quick Google found reaConverter

    Plus others...