Do the amount of 3rd party sub-tools loaded into CSP affect performance?

  • I've been noticing some performance hiccups with CSP 1.7.3. when I jumped back to version 1.6.2 these hiccups are nonexistent. Both versions are configured the same and the only thing I can imagine having any impact is the sub-tools.

    I have all the Frenden brushes loaded into their own sub-tool folders. It's over 300 brushes in total. I wonder if this is the root of my performance problem?


  • I am a developer/supplier of brushes and so I have over 600 brushes on main computer and only about 100 on a laptop ... performance is good and similar on both and I see no evidence of poor performance through having many brushes. The only change in performance I find with the latest version is the occasional stop while it saves automatic backups ( new feature) .... I don't think that feature is optimized yet...hopefully they will improve it.

  • Now that you mention it. I never thought about that feature being the cause. It makes sense why periodically my brush switches to the regular pointer for moving or I press p for brush but get the printer pop-up.

    Need to test without the auto-save to see what results I get.