Sharing what I learnt today in Blender

  • Hi,

    I do my modelling in blender, usually using mirror and subd modifiers, however at somepoint, say with a blouse I need to do the front overlaps and buttons, I need to apply the modifiers and then work on the hd mesh, which makes things like creating a morph with a slightly larger bust size difficult to say the least. Well I now have a way of making such adjustments after I have applied the modifiers,

    Before I apply the modifiers I duplicate the low res model and delete the subd modifier, then apply the mirror, add faces to the neck, bottom and wrists to enclose the mesh and make it manifold. a small Alt-S increase and I have a cage that fits around my his res model. To that I add a Mesh Deform modifier, select the cage as the object and then I can edit the verts on the low res cage and the deformations are echoed in the hi res model. Tip save the blend file before binding the cage to the hi res model as you can crash blender (experience talking!) You can even use shape keys on he cage so if you have to go and make an edit to the hi res, like adding breast pockets you can unbind, make your edits then rebind and use the previously saved shape keys.

    Not really Poser, but thought I would share anyway


  • appreciate this, thanks