Utter newbie checking a few basics

  • Hi All,
    Indeed I am so new that I am not even using Poser yet...
    I'd like to ask a few questions before I take the leap and purchase the software as I want to be sure that Poser is the tool I'm looking for.

    Basically I want to pose figures to make fights and stories in wresting/boxing scenarios. I have no real previous experience with creating this kind kind of work although I can draw well and have a lot of experience with PC packages.
    As you might imagine, the genre I want to use will need to involve various own-designed costumes in varying degrees of complexity for male and female fighters and, as comes with the territory, I will need to include a reasonable amount of flesh, muscle-tone and even embellishments such as bruising and possibly even cuts etc.

    Also, of course, I would want to render backgrounds such as boxing rings, crowds and/or gym interiors.

    So, for starters, am I looking in the right direction with Poser 11? (I don't think I'll buy Pro as I'm just starting out).

    note: I'm not looking to animate - I would only be creating still-shots.

    Thank you for your support and advice!


  • Yeah, you're in the right ring there. Poser can do it for you.

    You can create your ring sets (= background + props ) very easily in SketchUp free version, which will export in Collada file format which will not work well for Poser, but then use the free Autodesk FBX Converter to convert from Collada to FBX to OBJ file format, what works amazingly well with Poser. And it's all free.

    The problem though is one making your own costumes and clothes. That's a significant effort, and different people do it in different ways. You may save yourself time and effort if you find ready clothes and costumes from one of the 3rd party vendors that will suit you.

    Otherwise if you decide to build your own clothes there will be a bit of learning there. It can get pretty deep and technical and time-consuming.

    By the way, the same applies for the characters too, and it's even more work for characters. You should review which characters come with Poser and which ones are vendorered around, and choose a set you're comfortable with. If you decide to build your own character, that's a lot of work.

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    Yep, Poser can do all of the above and (among other sites) sharecg.com has a nice collection of free Boxer rooms, rings, outfits and so on to get you started and get the feeling of the app and its possibilities.

  • Great replies - thanks fbs7 and vilters!

    Once I'm installed and up and running I fully intend to absorb as many tutorials as I can (I've already seen how much content is on YouTube) so I'm looking forward to what fbs7 has described as 'deep, technical and time-consuming'. I don't expect to hit the ground running.

    Im the meantime, if anyone has any other suggestions for tutorial/resources for the kind of work I'm planning, then every word of advice is appreciated.

    Thanks again,


  • Haha, I like the enthusiasm.

    Which program do you intend to use for modelling the clothes? Blender, Wings3D, Maya, Hexagon, Houdini, Lightware, ZBrush, etc/etc/etc... ? There must be 30 options in the market, from free to extremely expensive, and that's kind of a key decision to make early on.

    If you ask here 10 times you'll get 10 different answers, pretty much due to 10 different early choices that people just carried over the years. I myself love Marvelous Designer for clothes, but other people feel at home in Blender.

  • Thanks fbs7

    The honest answer to your question 'which program do I intend to use' is that I have no clue. I've not even heard of any of the ones you list but that's because this whole world is new to me.

    I would have thought that I could model clothes/costumes in Poser but I guess not.

    As I'm starting out I would choose a free program. Are Marvellous or Blender free?

  • plenty of vendors that make stuff you're looking for

    here is a gym boxing ring


  • @rsk said in Utter newbie checking a few basics:

    Thanks fbs7

    The honest answer to your question 'which program do I intend to use' is that I have no clue. I've not even heard of any of the ones you list but that's because this whole world is new to me.

    I would have thought that I could model clothes/costumes in Poser but I guess not.

    As I'm starting out I would choose a free program. Are Marvellous or Blender free?

    Blender is free, Wings3D is free, and Hexagon became free last time I saw it. The other options go from expensive to very expensive.

    Marvelous Designer is unfortunately quite expensive, but if you ever become serious with cloth making, that is really a wonderful tool.

    Now, let's suppose you want to use Blender. People have more experience than me with Blender (I'm always forgetting the 470 different hotkeys), but this is what I'd do. Say you want to model a catsuit for your fighter.

    You can find several ready catsuit props at Renderosity. Choose one that looks like what you need, and import it into Poser, verify it's more or less right for the toon you chose. Then transform your catsuit in a single prop (setup room does that in Poser), export the prop as OBJ file, then go to Blender, and import your catsuit there as an OBJ file.

    Now you can edit the catsuit mesh in Blender, and do whatever you prefer. Say you want to add sleeves and a hood to your catsuit. You can do all that in Blender. Be sure the normals are consistent. Then UV-unwrap in Blender, and get a texture map file. Now export as OBJ from Blender, and import back in Poser.

    Now you have the original catsuit modified to your needs. Then you go to a 2D painting program and paint a texture and a transmap for your catsuit, and go to Material Room in Poser, set the texture/transmaps to your catsuit. Now you have a catsuit with painting on it.

    Then you set the catsuit more or less around your character,and use the Morph Tool in Poser to Tight Fit the catsuit to your character, adjust it around, etc... After your done, go to the Fitting Room for your final fitting in the character. Fit it, and transform a what Poser knows as a "conforming figure", and use the option to Add Morphs from Figure.

    Now you have a catsuit figure, modified as you see fit and painted with whatever your texture prefer; that catsuit can be "conformed" to your figure so it will follow the movements of your character, and it will have a bunch of morphs copied from your character, so if you have say BigFatGuy morph in your character, now automatically your new catsuit will also have the same morph.

    And then you can have fun boxing it out. With me I foresee this as a 30-100 hours effort, mostly because I realliy suck in Blender and would have to do the same thing 30-100 times until I get it right. My last time in Blender I was trying to make a cat's tail longer and ended up with something that looked like a mix between a sponge and a flying saucer. Folks that are profficient in Blender can probably go through this in 3-10 hours, maybe 1-3 hours if they are experienced with the workflow.

  • So you see, that's why the choice of the modelling program is important. You don't want to spend 100 hours in Blender just to find out that you like Wings3D better.

  • Wow! Thanks fbs7 :)

    FYI, I've now ordered Poser and, if the delivery is to be trusted I should receive it and will install it this weekend.

    Your kind of advice is just the sort of thing I need. i.e. I'm quite happy to work out how to use tools by following manuals and tutorials and experimenting etc., however, the real tough slog is determining a workflow and needing to know which other utilities I'll have to use alongside Poser.

    My naïve optimism makes me believe that EVERYTHING should be possible in 1 tool :)

    As I said before, I'm expecting a steep, long learning curve but the more info and advice I can get about other tools and processes is going to help no end.

    Thanks again,


  • Well if I may add I think for what you want you are right with using Poser as a basis.
    Marvelous Designer is all dynamics and works at best with loose fitting clothes, and that is where conformers suck. The Poser cloth room is a league or two behind MD when it comes to cloth simulation but it will do nicely for the odd cape or karate suit and MD avatars can play animations and strike poses but it relies on apps like Poser to create these.

  • Thanks fverbaas,

    The nature of the fighting figures I'm posing will be largely unclothed as they're wrestlers/boxers. So although I've talked about creating 'costumes', this will be largely skin-tight like trunks and leggings etc. (no flowing capes or flouncy blouses!)

    I guess my biggest remaining question is about the flesh and skin itself. i.e. can poser cope with muscle-definition, tones, flexed-stretched skin and even discoloured skin such as bruised ribs, black eyes etc? Is this something that I'll need to build myself into the models?


  • From what you've said I don't believe you will have to do much if any modelling. You have two options. One is use a bodysuit and play around with the textures. By using transparencies etc you should be able to produce any sort of tight wrestling suit you want.

    Alternatively you can use "second skins". Here you in effect paint the costume onto the figures skins. This is also what you would do for bruises etc. To do this you only need a 2d paint program such as Photoshop, or Gimp (free).

    However, if you modify other peoples skins, you could not post the textures for other people to use, but you can use any renders (pictures) you create in anyway you like.

  • As far as bruises and other wounds, Renderosity has some in their marketplace. Some are full textures for specific figures, others are images of the injuries that you add to a texture in a 2d editing program like Photoshop, Gimp or Paintshop Pro. I've beaten up many of my poor characters that way.