Helpful tip for unintented use of the grouping tool

  • I believe 2014 pro game development version was the version that introduced the delete polys function to the grouping tool. I don't know if it's in poser 11 but it is in pp11. It was marketed as a way to reduce polygons on figures, by deleting ones hidden by clothing. Recently I've found another use. Lately it seems too many of my scenes end up with a wall or ceiling in front of my camera. In order to fit everything in the scene and still be in the room that just had to be built as all one piece, I have to adjust the focal length to a point the scene gets horribly distorted. I could use a transparent texture on that part of the room, but rendering a whole scene through transparency slows things down. Then I realized I can use the delete poly function to remove said wall and have the scene like I wanted it.

    I thought I'd share because I know I'm not the only one who's had this problem.

  • @redphantom could you remove just the polys that are in the way of the camera? Make a peep-hole?

  • You can. I've just been able to select the items by material so it was easiest to do the whole thing. They were interior parts so I was still in an enclosed space. But yeah, just deleting the few polys that block the way would work too.

  • Yeah, I wanted to change the number on a house, but it was included in the base mesh. I was able to use the remove poly function to get rid of the old number before adding the new. It can be done in Blender or whatever, but it's nice to have a similar function within Poser.
    I also use it to delete mesh car logos when I mirror them to be pseudo right hand drive (because I don't live in America).