Need some advice re- content creation

  • @fverbaas No that won't work, soft decorated doesn't work like that you have to remove the polys :( Soft decorated will try and maintain the polys surrounded by the verts assigned to the group in the same place relative to when it started the simulation,

    @eclark1849 that won't work either, the simulator ignores later morphs (within it's frame range) and anyway I want the blouse to open naturally I don't want to try and guess what poses people will use, if I did I would make it a conforming item.

    I know how to achieve what I need to do, what I',m asking, basically is, "will people read and understand the instructions?" or is it too complicated to release as a freebie (or commercial) item?

  • svdl's dynamic clothing that he made for V3 and V4 came in different versions, in varying degrees of open-ness. I'm not saying that something more sophisticated isn't possible - or useful - but many users will at least be familiar with the concept of choosing the garment to simulate depending on how many buttons are open.

    @amethystpendant said in Need some advice re- content creation:

    "will people read and understand the instructions?"

    No, of course not. :)

  • @englishbob Sure they will. They just won't follow them because Poser is supposed to read their minds and do what they want anyway.

  • @englishbob Hi, yes I'm trying to get away from having multiple versions, each with 23 pre sim morphs (you can imagine what a pain that is! Well hell, if they don't follow the instructions then it won't work, and I won't know about it because no-one ever gives feedback on freebies anyway :)

  • Then what if you do not delete polygons but create a new object without them and work from there?

  • @fverbaas said in Need some advice re- content creation:

    Then what if you do not delete polygons but create a new object without them and work from there?

    Then how do I have the buttons fastened? I suppose i could have a script that added the polys, I suppose that might work I'll have to give it some thought, but I'm too far down the road to stop now without sliding across the junction! :o)

  • @englishbob said in Need some advice re- content creation:

    No, of course not. :)

    Hahahaha indeed.

  • @Deecey But I suppose it better work 100% of the time on all possible configurations of hardware and software :)

  • @amethystpendant

    I just found it funny, being a doc person. Hahahaha yes I am well aware of how few actually "RTFM" LOL

    I don't get no respect. ;-)

  • I'm trying to think if there is a way to create only four morphs. One with only top undone. Next with top 2. Next with 3. Next with all.

    Dial the desired morph in at frame 1.
    Set it to 0 at the last frame of the sim.

    This is thinking out loud. Not sure if it would work as expected, but it works in theory. If you start the sim with the desired button morph dialed in, and then gradually reduce the morph setting down to 0 at the end, the sim should still settle out where it is supposed to. But again, that is thinking out loud stuff.

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    @Deecey Good idea!

  • @Deecey I don't think that will work, how open does the morph have to be? tantalising or falling to the floor

    Anyways here's what I plan to put in the readme, does it (a) make sense, (b) provide enough info / context?

    This Poser Dynamic Prop has been designed to be used in Poser 11 using ProjectE. It is a 5 button small collar blouse.

    The default blouse can be used as is, all cloth groups / parameters have been set using EZCloth, please note the high stretch resistance of 980, this is to ensure the polygons acting as the button thread do not stretch, also the material was designed to be like fine silk, which really doesn't stretch.

    To get the best results it is suggested that all three check-boxes in the simulation settings are checked, also as the material is supposed to be silk, an offset and collision depth of between 0.1 and 0.2 is recommended.

    That's the easy bit, load into poser add to a properly configured simulation and run. The slightly more difficult part comes when you don't want her all buttoned up. Unlike with conforming clothing it is not possible to create unbuttoned morphs and use them in the cloth simulator. To get around this you will need to remove some of the geometry of the blouse. This can be done in Poser but requires a few steps.

    #1 Decide which buttons need to be undone.
    #2 In the pose room (not the cloth room) with the blouse selected open the group editor. and for each button you want undone, select the appropriate group from the drop down, they are called Buttoned1, Buttoned2 to Buttoned5. The top button is Button 1 and the lowest button 5. (The main window should show 4 Polygons selected) With the appropriate group selected choose "Delete Polygons" from the bottom of the group editor window, reply Ok to the confirmation window. Rinse and repeat for each undone button. Once you have finished, close the group editor window and change the value of the corresponding morph for each affected button from 0 to 1, e.g. if you deleted groups Buttoned1 and Buttoned2 set ButtonOpen1 and ButtonOpen2 to 1 leaving the other 3 at zero.
    #3 If you have already added the blouse to the simulation select it in the cloth room and choose "Unclothify" from the simulation settings, then clothify it again.
    #4 Run the simulation.

    To help with initial fitting and altering styles several pre-sim morphs are included. These need to be set on the first frame of your simulation and set to zero on the last. If you have run a simulation and want to change any of these pre-sim morphs you need to clear the simulation first.

  • @Biscuits said in Need some advice re- content creation:

    @Deecey Good idea!

    It really isn't; all morphs between the first and last frame are ignored, there is no blending, depending on when the morph was added in relation to the prop being clothified you can sometimes apply a morph at the end. Also you can't just have 4 morphs what if you wanted the top and bottom undone and the others fastened.

  • @amethystpendant said in Need some advice re- content creation:

    Anyways here's what I plan to put in the readme, does it (a) make sense, (b) provide enough info / context?

    It's easy enough to follow, in a clear step-by-step format. I'd say it fits the bill for a freebie.

  • @englishbob Thanks Bob,

    If you, or anyone want to play along V1 is available for download Office Blouse

  • @amethystpendant Thanks! is giving me a 404 unfortunately. Did you change your mind?

  • @englishbob Hi, no it's still there, maybe you can't use the direct dowmnload try this one Office Blouse Any feedback would be most welcome


  • I cannot download it either. I get an 404 too.

  • @bantha Did you try the new link?