I need the option to make a material node universal among specified materials in that object.

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    Let's say you have a prop OBJ with 7 different materials:


    Now, in each material you have a glossy node. I wish there was a way to make that glossy node universal among all seven materials. That way if I change the glossy node in one material, it will automatically change the glossy setting in every other material.

    Here's one way of achieving this feature: Add a checkbox to material nodes called "universal" and then it lets you assign an ID in a numeric field. You then add a glossy node to each material, tick universal and add the same numeric unique ID, so they're all linked. Once they're linked, if you change one glossy node it will change all other glossy nodes it's linked to automatically.

    I'm so tired of having to change glossy settings in each material. This takes up a massive amount of my time, but with universal material nodes, I could change a setting one time. This would save me SO MUCH TIME!!

  • @trepleen Does DAZ do that?

    Have a look at @bagginsbill's paramatic

  • Make it all one material with the group editor, use a pbr base node.

    Problem solved

  • Lack of multi material editing in Poser is really annoying. Luckily i bought Shaderworks Material Manager 2 when it was still available. It already saved me weeks or even months of stupid click work. Unfortunately it was never updated for SuperFly.

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    As simple as lacing shoes.

    => Using my Video1 tutorial on YouTube for the correct import-export settings between both apps.

    Load the ORIGINAL obj in Blender (use import settings from video).
    => Never load anything exported from Poser, I could write a book about that.)

    • Merge all material zones to a single one.
    • Give the obj a new name and export obj using the export settings in the same Video1.

    Open the cr2 in a free cr2editor.

    • Change both paths to the new obj name so it loads the correct one.
    • DELETE ALL materials and save the cr2 under a new name.

    In Poser:

    • Load the cr2 and adapt the material to your liking.
    • Save to Library and Poser will only save an updated cr2.

    REMARK : Don't do what shvrdavid proposed.
    Changing the math zones inside Poser will make Poser save a new cr2 (good) and a new obj file (bad) hereby splitting all vertex groups into unwelded ones.

  • This is a reasonable request and I really hope that we get "global" shader nodes in the next version. Would help a lot. By the way, Blender handles compound nodes in that way, it would be great if we could use this in Poser too.

    Since we don't have that yet: Netherworks has a Python script called "Transfer Materials", which is what I use to copy shaders to different materials. It is sold at Hivewire3d, for me it's well worth the price. Not automatic, though, but much faster than fixing everything yourself.