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    I get a huge white space for the header ... even though I have a dark color scheme. The space takes up half the page ... thought you guys should know.

  • @Boni Hey Boni. Check out the Dark Mode add-on for Firefox. It takes care of that large header banner, as well as the background of the page in general.

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    Thanks @Miss-B I had "color this page" and ... now firefox won't play well with it ... so this is a great tip. Thank you!!

  • @Boni You can thank Kalypso and a couple of others, as they mentioned it in another thread because we're all going snow blind with the white page background since our dark themes weren't working.

    I also used to have Color That Site, or whatever it was called, but that's a PITA to go through every single style to change it. This is nice because it does it automatically for you, and it can be adjusted, or you can make your own theme. Just check the Options link when you're in Tools > Dark Mode.

    You can even Whitelist sites where you know you'll never need it, though I haven't tried that as yet.

  • Does it also fix the font size? Besides losing a quarter of the screen to this website's header if you're not using any add-ons the font of everyone's posts are so tiny in Firefox.

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    As for the font size ... if you hit cntl/+ the fonts get bigger in firefox. But the HUGE header remains the same. Not sure what can fix that. The dark mode is a blessing though.

  • @Cobra The problem is with the style sheet. Switch back to the default style sheet in your settings and then use the plug-in to darken the page.

  • Thanks @Boni & @ghostship. The forum looks so much better now in Firefox with the themes disabled on here. Since it's all just the style sheets, maybe they could fix this a bit down the road.