Poser 9, PP2014 Library - Adobe Flash Problems ! Not again !!

  • I haven't used Poser 9 for a while.
    I opened it today and the library told me I needed to install Adobe Flash Flayer:

    That's odd, I thought, because PP2014 and Poser 11 work just fine and dandy, and I'm fairly sure that PP2014 has that same Flash dependancy for the library.

    So I uninstalled Adobe Flash and Adobe Air and reinstalled just Flash Player, latest version. Here's what Control Panel > Programs and Features (Windows 7) shows me now:

    I rebooted (just to be sure) and ran Poser 9 again:
    And PP2014 (64 bit*)? Here's what it shows now:

    ...and the get flash link is what I've just installed already...

    But oddly, when I look under C:/Program Files and C:/Program Files (x86) there doesn't appear to be any /Adobe/Flash Player/ folder...

    Any ideas ?

    *I get exactly the same if I run PP2014 (32 bit)

  • Wondering about that last bit, i.e.where was it installed to - apparently nowhere:


    What's going on ?

  • What versions of Poser 9 and PP2014 ?
    PP2014 - (32 bit and 64 bit)
    Poser 9 - (32 bit obviously)

  • Maybe I need to reinstall Adobe Air too ? Did that, latest version:

    There's now a C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Flash Player\AddIns\ folder. Nothing in the \Flash Player\ folder, just the Air crap in the \AddIns.

    But Poser 9 and PP2014 still have the library 'Get Flash' problem, so that's not it.

  • @3dcheapskate Have you tried running the library externally? This is what I used when P11 first came out as the library, for anything larger than 2mb of content was pants "C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Runtime\ui\AIR\LSMGUI\LSMGUIAIR.exe" not sure if the equiv works in P2014 but it might give you some pointers if it errors

  • Hmmm... NPAPI ? Checking alternative Flash downloads I notice that's for Firefox (which was the browser I used to download). But I recall that all the previous problems with the Poser library were to do with Poser, Internet Explorer and Flash Player shafting each other in some way.So maybe it's the IE version of Flash Player I need ?

  • @amethystpendant No, I haven't tried that.

    Installing the IE version of Flash Player fixed the problem for PP2014.

    But Poser 9 is still screwed.

    My guess - an IE/Flash update has totally shafted Poser 9 (in precisely the same way that an IE/Flash update f**ed up Poser 8 - my original thread about that is over on Renderosity somewhere, but I can't be bothered searching for it right now)
    Alternatively it might be that Poser 9 requires a 32 bit Flash Player, but the Adobe site only gives me 64 bit versions?

    *Found it - "Poser 8/9 has stopped working" after IE10 Win7 64bit update? - https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2873783 - the specific problem in that thread was rather different though

  • @3dcheapskate good to know you at least have 2014 working anyway, but yes I would suggest it is the bitness that is balking p9

  • @amethystpendant Hmmm... I read somewhere a whileback that Adobe doesn't have separate 32-bit and 64-bit installers any more - the single installer detects which one your system needs and installs that. I also recall reading somewhere that it automatically installs both 32 and 64 bit versions on a 64 bit system.

    And just found this https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1160198 - the chris.campbell (Adobe staff) post of 22-Mar-2013 16:54 says where the 32/64 bit versions are installed


    I appear to have both 32 and 64 bit versions installed, so it looks like Poser 9 has the versions of Flash Player it requires, i.e. ...
    ...and some other files in that folder.

    So why is it (i.e.Poser 9, i.e. telling me that Flash isn't installed ?

  • @3dcheapskate I've also been having problems with P9's Library being unusable, and I even have Shaderworks' Library Manager 2, and I still can't use it.

    I haven't reinstalled Flash, mostly because Firefox keeps telling me it needs to be updated, and Flash is on the way out anyway, as most sites I know that used it for many years, are redoing their sites to display their videos in other methods.

    Anyway, for some reason Library Manager 2 isn't working for me either. Well, it displays the Library, but every time I double-click a character to load it, it doesn't work. Sooooo, I drag and drop my character into the scene, which does work, but when I select it to apply INJ morphs or skin textures, P9 crashes instantly. Considering LM2 was written for P8, I have no idea why this is happening, so it looks like I'll be slowly moving my P9 content to my PP11 Runtime.

    I'd leave it all alone, as it's available through my PP11 Library, but I don't have as much content in that Library as I do in say my DS3 Advanced Library, and since the software's no longer of use to me, I might as well just move it all over, and then uninstall P9, which is getting long in the tooth anyway.

  • @Miss-B So that's one other person, although yourproblem may not be exactly the same as mine.

    In this post ( https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2873783&page_number=2#msg4118457 ) on that Renderosity thread I mentioned there's a cross-link to the corresponding DAZ Poser forum thread, to the post where Parris reported the problem to SM and quotes the response ( since old links to specific posts in DAZ forum threads don'twork, here's a link that works today - https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/487218/#Comment_487218 ) which includes the phrase...

    "...Though Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 are a discontinued product, our Engineers are creating a hot-fix..."

    But that was way back in November 2013.

    So if, as I suspect, this is another Poser/IE/Flash incompatibility problem then basically anybody using Poser 9 would be screwed.

    Is anybody still running Poser 9 ? (New thread for that question - https://forum.smithmicro.com/topic/3799/poser-9-is-anybody-still-running-it-does-it-tell-you-you-need-flash-even-though-that-s-installed )

  • @3dcheapskate Well I don't use IE, and haven't in years. In fact, I shut it down completely through info I found on the Microsoft site when one of the updates (I think 11 IIRC) royally screwed up my P9 Library. SM did do an update for P9 which fixed it, but I had already turned IE back to the earlier version and shut it down.

    I do use Firefox and Opera, and the issue is still there with anything Flash related. For the longest time I couldn't watch any videos on YouTube or elsewhere, because it would freeze my laptop and run this horrific sound that could burst your eardrums. It's only been this past year that I've had a lot more success, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of sites I visit often that used to use Flash for their videos, aren't any more. I don't know if YouTube has done that, but one specific site where I visit several times a year sent out an email specifically to tell us they were redoing all their videos because Flash was no longer acceptable.