Luxcess... kinda

  • Remember LuxRender?
    Neither did I, until I tripped over some old Lux files.

    Like everyone else, I tried LuxRender when Pret-a-3D's Reality 4 plugin first came out. I ran into problems and gave up, like everyone else. With experience in Superfly, Octane, and Iray, I decided to give LuxRender a second try.

    This time I understood the materials and got the look I wanted. I didn't have to change many settings. Paolo did a good job with the Reality plugin. Reality correctly read the Poser materials. He also created an amazing mesh light with a morphing snoot to control the spread of light. I've used it in Superfly and Octane as well.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't deal with the main problem. LuxRender uses OpenCL for it's GPU rendering instead of only using NVidia's CUDA processors. Reality sees my two GTX 960s. But, LuxRender wouldn't see any and reports 0 Devices with no errors. LuxRender on CPU runs slower than Superfly on CPU, at least on my computer.

    Weirdly, LuxRender would occasionally connect to one of the video cards. It didn't matter which one. Also, I was successful about 1 out 10 tries. Obviously, that's not acceptable for any long term usage.

    Does anyone use LuxRender and know a fix/workaround for the 0 Devices issue? Internet searches found very little. The best I could find is that NVidia's drivers are not fully compatible with OpenCL.

    Dispite all this, below is my first successful image in LuxRender and probably my last.

    0_1520293374683_LuxGirl 01a.jpg

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    @willdial I don't know if/how you can accommodate nVidia GeForce video cards for use with Lux. The OpenCL implies using ATI/Radeon graphics cards if GPU rendering with Lux.
    @fonpaolo and @shvrdavid would know more than I do.

    Lux can render in CPU mode quite fast if you exploit other computers on your home network. Lux will network render in CPU mode. :D
    Basically, each computer's samples/second rendering power adds to your network's total samples/second.

  • @seachnasaigh From what I read, NVidia has been very slow at implementing the OpenCL standard favoring their own proprietary stuff. I got the GeForce cards for Octane.

    I didn't know Lux could do network rendering. I'll have to look into that.

  • Used Lux without problems (in the end) with Nvidia GPUs. But not in all modes.
    In the end: since 1.2 or 1.3 IIRC.
    But not with 900/1000 series.

    1. Do you use latest reality and luxrender?
    2. Which modes have you tried? Have you tried classical (IIRC the name) mode?
    3. Can you try luxrender in blender? (to be sure it's not reality scene export problem)

    I don't remember for sure, but maybe: in one particular version of reality I needed to manual edit device indexes in the scene file.

  • @willdial said in Luxcess... kinda:

    0 Devices issue

    From what you are describing you have two conflicting OpenCL installs.

    You may just need to install this.