Generated Sinewaved Mesh

  • I just discovered the Poser Pro 11 can generate a sinewave mesh using onw of the provided python scripts. How curious. Iwonder why this was included ?

    In the same location, one may also generate a Fractal Terrain. I am slow on the uptake here, by years !!

  • From the Poser Pro 11 Python Scripts window, I drilled down further into the options and find that there are scripts which can:
    Copy Parameters
    Copy Morph/Group data
    Export as DXF
    Export as Flash (why ?)
    Calculate DoF Focal Distance
    Animate a transparency (I must finally learn how to do this)
    Copy, Apply,Save or remove scaling
    Remove magnets
    Random Face (must try)
    Create Morphs from figures
    Create Morphs from Dials
    Dials to single morph
    Dials to multiple morphs
    Actor morphs to figure
    Figures to morphs
    Zero all morphs - useful !!
    Set all textures to white
    Apply texture to all mats
    Copy texture to prop
    Remove all textures ( useful !)
    Figure to Multiple Props
    Import Multiple Props - useful !
    Change RBG intensities of lights !!
    Shadows off / Shadows on
    Shape - flare front, taper, inflate, puff, etc
    (Many of above scripts available from Wardrobe Wizard 2 python set)
    Generate a Buckeyball, Tetra fractal whatever, a Sinwaved Mesh, and a Fractal Terrain.
    Hoo Hah ~

  • @ibr_remote That's interesting for sure. Not sure what one would use a Sinwaved Mesh for, but I'm certainly going to try out the Fractal Terrain, as I've often used them in Bryce with success.

    Then again, Bryce is a terrain generator, so that's not so surprising. It'll be interesting to see what PP11 comes up with.

  • @Miss-B IIRC, the bundled python scripts are essentially self-contained tutorials on the python methods they contain. I.e. procedural mesh creation and modification. Very helpful when you want to start creating your own scripts. I think of them as an adjunct to the manuals.

  • @anomalaus I'll keep that in mind, as I'm signed up for a Python class at Udemy, but haven't started it yet.