FAQ: Can I send private messages?

  • The Smith Micro Graphics Forum uses a Chat feature that can also serve as a PM feature. The participants of the chat do not have to be online in order to initiate or participate in the chat. The discussion chat history is saved to your account until you choose to delete it.

    1. Click the Chat icon that appears immediately to the left of your avatar image in the top banner to initiate a chat.
    2. From the menu that appears, click See All Chats. You will navigate to the Smith Micro Graphics Forum Chats page.
    3. Use the Enter a username to search field to locate the name of the person you want to chat with. When the username is located, click the name to open a chat room with that person. The chat room will be assigned a number that is unique to that chat.
    4. If you want to add additional users to the chat room, use the Add users to room field to search for another user to add to the chat.
    5. After you have added the users to the chat room, enter a message in the Type chat message here, press enter to send field. Then press Send to initiate the chat.
    6. The chat rooms that you create will be displayed in a list in the left side of the chat page. To read the chat history, simply click the chat list item that you want to read.
    7. To delete a chat from the list, click the X button.