covert photos to line image

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    How do i covert a photographic image into just its line art?

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  • With the photograph as a layer selected go to the "Layer" menu, and choose LT conversion of layer. You get a dialogue with settings. The conversion is split up in line and toning (rastering of grey values in a tone layer). You can disable the one or the other. Play around with the sliders and see the result.

  • Requires EX

  • There are many ways to convert photos to lineart and if you do not have EX or if ( like me) you don't greatly like the LT conversion function then you create an action that will do it. The most reliable process is this....

    1. Right click on the layer and select "duplicate Layer"
    2. In the layer palette, click on that duplicate layer ( it will be above the original)... now change its blending mode from Normal to "Glow Dodge"
    3. Now go to Edit > tonal correction> invert gradation
    4. go to Filter>Blur>Gausian Blur and slide the blur and as you increase it a slightly colored line drawing will appear ... slide it until you get the best result
    5. now merge the two layers
    6. finally go to Edit>Tonal Correction>Binarization and slide the threshold until you get the best line drawing effect

    Done !

    If you know about tonal correction layers you can also do steps 3 and 6 using those non destructive layers.

    There are several ways to get what I believe are better results than the LT function.... The basis of them all is to create a duplicate .. shift it is some way from the original and then subtract one from the other,,,, The above blur method is the most common but you can get a differrent effect using radial blur or by just moving the second layer a few pixels down and to the right.

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