Brush stops working momentarily ? This is why !

  • My brushes rarely use the "post processing" features .... because I hate laying down a line and the system then changing it ... however there are several of these features available. What I have noticed recently ( maybe because I just had not noticed before or maybe because it has gotten worse in the latest version) is that if you have any form of post processing on a brush then when you lay down a line you have to wait for it to do the post processing... if you start a new line even a tiny instant before it has finished processing then it ignores you and does not draw your line .... even if you kept scribbling that line for 20 minutes.... it wont work unless you stop and start a new line. All forms of post processing are havng this effect i.e

    1. the post processing options for Line correction
    2. the post processing of Border of watercolour
    3. any of the Starting and Ending settings

    The problem is particularly noticeable with spray brushes and/or when you scribble a very long line ( i.e. the bigger the post processing task the longer the wait time).

    Was it always like this or is this a new fault ?