Saving only the colour component of a material

  • Hey guys, I want to save only the colour component of a posersurface material as an mt5 file. I'm using Poser file editor, and I assumed that if I only saved the highlighted nodes, it would change the colour without messing with any other parts. It didn't - it reset the texture scale, and possibly other settings.

    So the question is, how do I save the diffuse colour component such that it applies underneath WHATEVER texture I have selected (not just the texture I created the original mat file from?

    Is there an easier way than messing around with the files (as there is in DAZ), and if not, what elements of the file must I save? Appreciation in advance.

    0_1520617716495_colour nodes.jpg

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    As far as I know, there isn't any way to do this using ONLY the features of Poser and an mt5 file. No matter what you delete, it will still alter the shader tree, even if the only item in the file is the KdColor. And Poser won't help you make the file anyway.

    The only way I know to do what you want is to write a Python script to do it and call that script from the mt5 file. There were tools to help assemble these things at RuntimeDNA but that is gone. Try this one:

  • Thanks very much BB!