Pen Pressure Icon

  • In Clip Studio Paint the icon for the pen pressure isn't resizing when I apply more/less pressure to my tablet. The pressure of the pen/brush does change, but not the icon. What settings to I adjust to fix this?

  • The big circle cursor icon displays the pen size at maximum pressure and does not change as you press at different pressures... no setting or workaround. AFAIK Photoshop does not autoadjust cursor size either ( though at least it does display the actual shape of the brush at maximum size). Frankly I don't think it matters because if it autoadjusted then if you were not pressing then it would probably have to show no cursor ( which would be no use) and when you are actually pressing then usually you can clearly see how big it is because it is drawing it. I tend to set it to show the mid point or the tool icon of the brush, rather than that maximum size circle.