Constantly corrupted preferences

  • I have been having trouble with colour picker. Whichever location I choose a colour it only selects a greyscale version (the value presumably) with no hue or saturation. My library windows remembers the location but not the pane settings. I presumed this was a corrupted preferences file. I deleted the prefs and it fixed it but within a couple of days it was doing the same thing again.

    Any ideas on why the prefs keep corrupting?

  • @matb which OS? The Poser Color Picker has options which defer to the OS's own Color Picker, like this one from macOS:
    0_1520916504809_Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 1.28.13 pm.png
    Within the macOS Colour Picker, the chooser mode (here shown with "HSB Sliders" selected) also includes a Grayscale option, which will only return completely unsaturated shades of Gray/Grey. If you want non-monochrome "Colo(u)rs", you need to choose an option like RGB or HSV(B), etc., and make sure the saturation level is greater than zero.

  • There doesn't appear to be such an option on the PC version, but thanks for the suggestion.

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