How to set up the same frame layout on every page in a story?

  • I'm using Clip Studio Ex to create several related pages in a single Story and am wondering if there is a way to create a consistent frame layout in each page.

    My intention is to abuse the Clip Studio Story tools to do some story boarding. I created a Story in which each page of the story is meant to function like an index card, where the top 2/3 is used for a sketch depicting a beat in the story and the bottom 1/3 has some text describing it. By using the Story tools, I can then shuffle the index cards (ie, pages) back and forth and insert new pages without having to do a lot of cut and paste.

    Since these index cards are meant to have the same layout, I'd like to create a simple frame with a horizontal dividing line about 2/3 of the way down for each new page. I tried doing this by recording an action, but the action will only create the new frame folder and ignores the Divide Frame Border tool that adds my horizontal frame division. Is there anything I can do to easily add this structure to every page in my story?

  • your page of frames on a blank page. then on the menu , go to Edit>Register Material>template Save it as a frame template and then you can drag it from materials onto a new page ...or when creating a new page you can click the "template" box and it will show you the templates for you to choose it.... you can then make that your default go to layout.