How Do I Install New Content In Poser 11

  • Please help. I just purchased content from content paradise for poser 11 and I do not know where to put it.

  • @paqach144 Chances are you have a zip folder that has a folder "Runtime" in it. You need to copy everything under that folder beneath the "Runtime" folder of your library (If you right click an existing item in the library and choose "Show in Explorer" that will open a window where that item is stored. move up the tree until you find a folder called "Runtime" and that is where you need to copy the contents of your zip file. Make sure you dont copy the Runtime folder from the zip below the runtime of your library or you wont see anything in the library. HTH

  • I can't thank you enough. I really appreciate this thread and your help. I got it to show up by coping the contents of the folder into poser library; my only question now is do I have to place the other folders that are inside of the content folder in other areas of the library i.e., Geometries, Libraries, Textures? Please advise.

  • Everything lives below the runtime so if there is a gemoetries folder in the content zip file below the runtime then they go in exactly the same pkace. If there isn't a Runtime in the zip just Libraries,Geometries Textures etc then put all of those below the runtime folder you are using as your library

  • ok got it. thanx a million! it works like a dream. you're the bomb.