Shader node ks_microfacet broken in P11 FireFly?

  • I noticed that FireFly renders with Project Evolution don’t have any specular on her skin.

    Checking in the material room showed that shader node ks_microfacet is broken. It does not give any specular in FF render or in the material room preview window. Only way to get any specular out of this node is to set the roughness value to 1 or higher. When SuperFly is selected the node does work as it should.

    Could be related to the Mac version of Poser. I have checked with SR7, SR8 and 11.1 all the same. Works fine in PP2014.

  • @nagra_00_ tested in SR7 Win. Works. Probably Mac version.

  • Did some more tests, node worked in version 11.0.2. So it got broken somewhere between 11.0.2 and SR7.
    I tried replacing the CG folder with the last working one but it does not help :(

  • Any Mac users who can confirm the broken node before i go through the hassle with techsupport?