Seeking advanced Particles3 tutorials from PoseWorks old site

  • The wayback machine has been very helpful in recovering information which used to be on PoseWorks' old web site ( regarding the Particles3 python scripts, which have now, very helpfully, been shared in the public domain. What I'm unable to locate there, however, is the Advanced tutorial given by this link (well it's not a link, as such, just a screen shot of the link context on the wayback machine):
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    0_1521122161202_Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.40.53 am.png
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    The link to that tutorial just gives "pageok" and no information, so wayback hasn't archived it. Does anyone have it? Was it bundled with the purchased Particles3 product, perhaps?

    All the other Particles3 tutorials on that page of the wayback machine are still available. Poseworks Particles3 Tutorials