Measurement tool inaccurate

  • Could somebody else just double check for me - it appears as though Poser's measurement tool is reading slightly long.

    I would upload an image but for some reason I now lack sufficient upload privileges. Cheers admin.

  • How would you check that?

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    How slightly?

  • Red, Michael 4 is 6 foot 1 inch tall. I compared a 3rd party ruler against him to conform that it was measuring properly, then measured 12 feet by combining two 6 foot rulers.

    Baggins - over a distance of 187 centimetres - Poser measures 9 centimetres too long. Any thoughts?

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    3rd party ruler is wrong. This is because in the past (10 years ago or so) Poser changed its measurement system. It started with 1 Poser Native Unit (or PNU) = 8 feet = 96 inches.

    Then they changed it. Officially, 1 Poser Native Unit (PNU) is 103.2 inches.

    The 3rd parties who started with the original scale (8 feet) refused to switch and continued to pretend that they did nothing wrong and the Poser team were at fault.

    Meanwhile, all Poser tools, Poser props, and Poser figures (from the ACTUAL VENDOR not 3rd party) agree with Poser itself, which is that a PNU is 103.2 inches.

    As evidence, I load the Poser Primitive box, which has the dimensions of 1/10th of PNU and I scale it 10x (1000%). When I measure, with my display unit in inches, it reads precisely 103.2.

    Whatever DAZ or other 3rd parties want to believe, doesn't matter. They're 10 years behind the scale change and are wrong.


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    This is a MUST READ - the best article on the subject, ever.

    Best quote: "Fights occasionally break out on the forums as their proponents argue for their chosen scale."

    Except, IMO, the only entity (customer, vendor, 3rd party content maker) that gets to define the scale is the vendor. Therefore whatever other claims there are - they just don't matter.

  • Excellent. Thanks very much Baggins.

  • @matb just suffering with this myself. Upvoted your posts then realised that image posting in initial posts of new topic is unlikely to be linked to just reputation (perhaps the POSER AMBASSADORS have been authorised to upload images in initial posts, but the rest of us plebs haven't). I open new topics so rarely that it catches me by surprise every time I get the ERROR that never appears if I'm just replying to an existing topic. Maybe there's a separate reputation threshold for new topic images (to block image spammers trying to bypass illegal text content filters) that is set ridiculously high.

    I have resigned myself to having to add an image placeholder and then immediately edit the new topic's initial post. Absolutely sub-optimal workflow! Pity the new users who have to humiliate themselves begging for reputation points to be able to respond to helpful questions about their problem in a timely manner (9500 seconds before next allowed post indeed. SPAM I'M NOT! I DO NOT LIKE GREEN EGGS AND SPAM!)

  • @anomalaus Well I've been here a few years so if I still don't have posting rights, that sucks. Especially as I used to have them.

  • @bagginsbill said in Measurement tool inaccurate:

    Except, IMO, the only entity (customer, vendor, 3rd party content maker) that gets to define the scale is the vendor.

    A charge could be levelled that the vendor defined a scale, didn't tell anybody what it was, changed it, and then changed it back again. If it was up to me, I'd revoke their scale defining privileges.

    Or you could blame the 'arms race' between content makers wanting each new figure to be taller than the previous one, which culminates in Dusk being 6' 9" tall.

    Thanks for the kudos, though. :)