Satin for superfly - Opinions needed.

  • I've been working on a satin shader to use with cycles and superfly and opinions. How do they look? Which looks better? Or do they both look like garbage. I've been looking at them and variations too long and they're starting to look the same.

    Here's the first sample
    0_1466906779836_satin sample 1.png

    Here's a portion of the same image close up

    0_1466906829759_satin sample close up.png

    And here is the same with the camera invading personal space. (it's about a foot or 30 cm from each sample)

    0_1466906975229_satin sample too close.png

  • It's best to look at them full sized (click each image) to see the differences.

  • yes, the one on the right looks better

  • Agreed. The one on the right.

  • @James_in_3D said in Satin for superfly - Opinions needed.:

    The one on the right looks like typical shiny satin, whereas the one on the left looks more like raw silk -- except in the closeup.

    My exact thought as well.

  • Thanks all. I appreciate the input.

  • I had a request for the shader I used for this.


    If you want to add a texture map plug it into all 3 color values.

  • @redphantom @redphantom Thanks for uploading that. I've been playing with Ghostship's shaders off and on, and just tried yours and got nice results.

    The one on the left is your setup with red and white as Color 1 and Color 2, respectively. The one on the right is the same, but I plugged the Weave 2D Texture into the 2 Color nodes, as well as the Color node in Anisotropic. It took away the shininess of the satin, but I like the weave. ~smile~


  • OK, I rendered the Weave again, but this time I changed the Anisotropic distribution to Beckmann, and it's got the shine back.

    In case anyone's interested, I used BB's EnvSphere and one Infinite Light.


  • @redphantom
    Using your shader with a few tweaks for Roxie's 1933 style silk teddy.
    (In CP soon).

  • They both look nice. I think that this is one of those situations when you have to ask "What are the properties of satin that I'm trying to represent?" I think the one on the left interacts with the light MUCH better, especially in the shadows, but the one on the right has that sheer look. The one on the left is a touch too coarse up close but I could definitely use it for other stuff. I'd use that one simply because it is better across the entire light value range.