Figure Parenting and Releasing Problem at Animations

  • Hey
    I got a problem.
    At my animation a creature captures a human with his hand and release after that.
    I am using figure parenting as human to creatures hand. But when i parent, humans position go mad at animation before parenting.. it's same when i want to release the human from the hand (parenting with universe).
    As solution i am using duplicates of the human for every parenting. This means i need to have 3-4 same human figure at same animation. It makes everything messy..

    So is there any way to make proper parenting without corrupting the position of the parented figure before and after.


  • @drages Until someone more knowledgeable comes along, have a look at constraints rather than parenting, I don't do animations but believe that was why constraints were added, to stop people needing duplicate objects.

  • When you apply a parent to a child such as when you set your human to have the monster as the parent the part that gets parented will receive all the twists and turn of the parent. What you probably will need to do is on the frame before the monster grabs the human do a break spline on all the humans key frames. Advance to the next frame and have the human get parented to the monster, and at the frame before the release do another break frame.

    The other way of doing it is to look at the parameters of the joints that are getting messed up before the parenting and on the child that gets parented turn the dials for those joints to return them back to what they were before the parenting.

  • @drages sounds like you should be using constraints. The constraint parameter on the child object (human figure's Body actor) can be keyframed without affecting the keyframed animation of the figure when the constraint parameter is zero.

    The only caveat for constraints is they don't handle scale properly, so if any part of the constraint hierarchy is scaled, you can get unwanted impacts on, for example, conformed figures (any clothing the human might be wearing, if the human figure is not scaled to 100%, may not get properly propagated scaling after constraints are turned on [@Poser-Team BUG!]

    The target constraint object can be parented to the creature's hand. [Poser 11 feature, IIRC]

  • @anomalaus Actually parenting is the same, say you have a V4 scaled to 95% some hair conformed with scaling set, then parent your V4 to say a sphere for moving, the hair suddenly jumps back to 100% scaled , not a biggy as I position via the sphere (usually do this to move 2 figures together.) Once they are in position I unparent and all is well again