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    Hello, I am having an issue with the window where I view the item I am working on. The Preview window. I was moving things around, and all of a sudden the Preview Window disappeared. I have no idea what I did to make it go away, but I cannot get it back. I have tried to set preference to factory but still in the material room that preview window is gone. I cannot see what I am working on. I tried closing Poser and relaunching, reset to factory..still no preview window in the Material Room. I thought maybe someone here could help me before I resort to reinstalling Poser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Up in the pale grey title bar menu, click Window, and look for document window. Click on that to see if the window has been inadvertently closed. You might also try setting the size of the document window large, in the hope that at least some of it will overlap into your monitor's visible space.

  • @ccartwright To fully reset you need to set "Launch to factory scene" on the Document tab AND "Launch to factory state" on the Interface tab of the General Preferences tab. However for your scenario the main one is te one on the Interface tab.

    Once you have your rooms the way you like them make sure the memory dots window is showing, select UI and click the first unset "Dot" that way if your windows ever screw up again simply go to your room display the memory dots and click the dot you saved earlier.

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    Thank you all for replying with your solutions! I have found the problem. I went to Window>Room Tools> Material>Material Palette and unchecked Material Palette. Some how that palette was covering my preview window where I couldnt see it. I KNEW it was something simple..I just couldnt find it..I must have had a brain fart or something... Thank you guys! AND..Amethystpendant..great idea to save my UI settings! That is certainly a must and I will do so now! Cheers!!

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