Drop figure to floor over complete range of frames.

  • I have an animation that I used a bvh file for the motion, and it has dropped the figure below the floor - is there a script or something that I can use to bring the figure back to the floor rather than having to drop to floor for all 900 frames?

  • There should be a script to do that in the script menu.

    Scripts Menu, Utility, dropFigToFloorAllFrames

  • The other way to do it is to add a layer in the animation set it to add and then adjust the Y axis of the figures hip on frame 1. This will effect all frames and also keep any jumps in BVH. Otherwise if you have a leap it will end up more like a slide.

  • Thanks for the tips will give both of them a try tomorrow, as you may have guessed I'm just really starting to get to grips with animation after having been laid up for the past few months with health problems.

  • Or find Phil C's great little tool that I must have grabbed long ago and never got around to installing it (BVH Helper).
    Worked a charm