Material room texture not rendering

  • I have an interior scene and the wall and floor textures that show in preview are not showing in render.

    Can someone please help. I have Poser Pro 2014 and the textures are jpg.

    The details of the texture are lost in render but the diffuse color remains.

  • It might help if you could post a screen shot of the material room set up and a render of the room.

  • In this pic (Pose Preview) you can see the detail on the wall and floor.
    0_1466951763618_Scene Preview.jpg
    In this pic (Closeup render) the detail is gone during and after render.
    1_1466951763618_Scene Render.jpg

  • Here are the render settings...
    0_1466952227504_Render Settings.jpg

  • Set your minimum shading rate (in render settings) to .2 and make sure your texture maps are set to "crisp" on the filter setting.

  • the detail is rendering but your render settings are so low res that they get blurred out.

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    In addition to ghostship's suggestions, I'd also suggest try increasing pixel samples to 5 or 6 and change the Post filter type to Sinc at 2 or 3.

  • Thanks Ghostship & Caisson for the pointers... See recent screenshot, which now shows the wall & floor textures. But I'm noticing still a slightly blurry haze.

    0_1466961610116_Scene Render 2.jpg

  • I'd still like to see the advanced setting in the material room for that wall. Poser has a habit of showing one scale in preview and another in may be that the fuzziness is to do with the UV scale.

  • Something else to check that I didn't see mentioned here is the size of the texture's image. Yeah the full image might be 2000x2000 but some content creators will put several small textures for several items together in one image. If the texture is too small, it would matter what render settings you use.