New 11.1 User - is 11.0633625 not needed for me?

  • Hey folks
    bought 11.1 yesterday on digital and trying to make sense of installation.

    All files in the downloader are 11.1.0something

    Except for theupdate 'Poser Content Updater for Win' which is 11.0633625...

    ...and no matter which order I try to install it (after application, before content, after application and updates, all content - believe me, I've tried it all and scoured this forum for solutions) this particular update refuses to install citing that it can't find the Poser directory (despite defaulting to it when you try to 'find it yourself')

    So, I'm the 11.0633625 content updater not needed for me?

    Do I just install all the other 11.1something files and get on with my life since that particular updater is only showing in the download manager in case I was a user that had pre-11.1 content that needs to be updated?


  • Poser Ambassadors

    The content files have their own build numbers, so they will often be different from the build number of Poser itself.

  • You shouldn't need to use the updater files, the installer files will be the latest, the updater files are there for people who had Poser installed prior to the latest updates.

    And in the update from p11 to p11.1 they didn't include a content updater as such, so that file is out of date anyway.

  • Marvellous! Thanks for that - it's what I'd presumed but it's great to have it acknowledged. Much appreciated!