EZ-dome view changing depending on renderer?

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    @trekkiegrrrl we'd have to see your node setups for the environment/background, in case it has different root nodes. The Summi Pool looks like it's rotated about 40 degrees (left camera at YRot = -92, and right at YRot = -133, approx.) below the figure's chin line, yet above that, it's surprisingly identical. I've never noticed that before, I though it was captured in a single session, but that looks like it's been doctored.

    Unless... you did an area render on the lower part? It's weird, I can cross my eyes and the backgrounds are identical above the mouth...

    Oh it's two renders, side by side. Sorry for the confusion, it was easier to put them together in one image than to upload and link to two :)

  • @trekkiegrrrl yes, I understood the two renders side-by-side bit, but the upper parts of the background are not rotated relative to the figure, whereas the lower parts are. The actual background image is a continuous, seamless panorama with no repeated sections, so it can't be rotated by any amount and still look the same from a static camera position and attitude.

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    Which is why I asked about shadow catcher. If the background below chin is not the sphere but instead on the ground plane then you're looking for the wrong cause.

  • I think it was the shadowcatcher playing tricks :) I had a similar "issue" just now where the dome was moved, but the shadowcatcher stayed in place. Never thought about that, but now I know :D Add the shadowcatcher AFTER rotating the dome :D

  • If you use the rotate option in the first tab, everything will rotate simultaneously: The EZouter and EZinner dome and the EZcatcher.
    There is a bit of an issue with aligning the EZcatcher and the Domes, which can be solved by changing the U scale in the EZcatcher tab. which is a bit of a tryout. 8 is often enough.
    I have some more tips for using the EZcatcher in superfly, but it's a bit late. Perhaps I can add some comments on the EZdome thread tomorrow.

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  • @bopperthijs That's good to know. The "problem" with using that for rotations is that I can't see the result while it rotates. And I mainly rotates it to move the sun. But I will certainly keep that in mind :)

  • The sun is actually linked to the EZdome. EZdome can recognise the position of the sun if you have a proper sIbl file, which are most of the EZdome HDRI files. So when you use that option, the sun will rotate too.If you want to rotate the sun use the properiies of the EZsun or use the lighting tracking bal, in that case, the domes won't rotate. If you want the sun in the original position, press reset sun.

  • @bopperthijs es I know. That's why I rotate the whole thing when I need to move the sun. But using integers I can't SEER how much it moves. With the dial, I can rotate the inner Dome and the sun and SEE what happens. Which is why I've done it that way until now. But ... hmm then there's the catcher issue. Unless I wait until everything else is right and THEN add the shadow catcher. That works :)

  • Ok, that is also a way to do it.

  • @trekkiegrrrl The EZsun is just a light. you can select it just like any other light if all you want to do is move it. That will leave everything else lined up.