Blending Modes don't work

  • I try to add shadows, highlights etc by add new layer above the normal layer and change blending mode but it doesn't wok. For example i draw in Normal Layer blue, then add above it a new layer, change to Add blending mode and try to draw with the same color but nothing happen. Can you expain me how it works ?

    Thank you very much

  • If you are drawing with a normal brush on a blending layer then it all depends on what is on the layers below that layer. e.g. Most blending modes will not show up anything when the picture content below them is 100% Black or White ( that's correct behavior).... so to see the effect you are often best using a paper layer that is not white or black. If I am understanding what you are trying then I would expect "Multiply" blending mode to best give you the effect you are after .