my surface pen won't draw, only moves canvas around

  • I was wondering if any of you fine dudes and dudettes had any expertise and could help me figure out what's been happening with my surface pro for the last two days.

    I haven't been able to draw anything on my tablet in any art program (primarily photoshop and clip studio paint), but the mircrosoft package art programs.

    microsoft just told me to buy the program that lets me use my surface pen to run powerpoint

    now my actual problem is that in any non microsoft art program instead of actually wanting to draw my pen just moves the canvas around instead of making a line. My first instinct was to check weather my pen driver are all up to date. and that's all well and good, so then i went and backed up all my work and restored my computer thinking that a program might have been interfering with the drivers, but after a full reset i still have the same problem.

    I've racked all my brain cells trying to get this to work, and i don't know where to look next.

    I'm running windows 10
    Version 1709 build 16299.334
    if that helps
    thanks for reading and hope you're having a good day.

    Re: Moving canvas while drawing?

  • some of the linked dicussion implies that it is picking up the figure gestures when using the pen..... so have you gone to CSP's File>preferences>touch gesture and tried changing some of the settings ( particularly the single swipe setting ) ? Or can you temporarily switch off finger gestures in the OS.