Why is the text tool SO slow?

  • It's obviously no secret that the text tool in CSP isn't the strongest feature in the program and needs a lot of work if it's ever going to be on par with the text tools in similar programs. But even though I could use Illustrator or Comic Life or even Affinity Designer for lettering and typography I suffer through the CSP text tool because the balloon and caption tools are so good. I'm also stubborn and like keeping things in one program for the ease of editing.

    All that said, I don't understand why it's so clunky. Is there a reason? I've gotten the pinwheel just from trying to select and edit the text. For the record I'm not using a slow computer.

    I think what bugs me is that CSP sells itself as the premier comic creation software, which I think overall it is! But lettering is a big part of comics and even though I've been able to do everything I need to do (Aside from use Opentype ligatures in certain fonts). It seems like the text tool specifically is an afterthought. Maybe it's due to the differences in roman/latin vs. Japanese characters?

    I think the Text tool is the main tool I would love to see given an overhaul in new updates/versions of CSP. Better text wrapping that identifies words and not just characters. Support for opentype ligatures, and just a smoother experience overall so that it doesn't lag so badly.

    Any thoughts overall? Or tricks I can do to speed up the text tool?

  • I have been complaining about the text tool since before Clip Studio/Manga studio 5 (English) was released, having been asked to Beta test it..... That's becoming many years now. Like you, I think its rubbish but keep using it rather than be forced into switching work between programs. I have replies from Celsys stating that they know that this improvement is much requested and will consider it at their next release..... but release after release occurs with zero improvement. I find the performance is OK for text boxes up to about 25 words and then it gets worse and worse the more words you put in that box.... by 50 words it is un-usable. For simple text to behave so slowly it must be extremely badly coded. ... and of course performance is just one of many shortcomings with this tool.

    I can only conclude that they are not in control of the source code. ... either they have bought it as a plug-in module or they have lost the source code ...perhaps written by someone who has since left them. Lets just say that they are not clever enough to write a proper text engine and hope that provokes them enough into finally doing something about it ( I am not holding my breath)..

  • The text tool will lag if too much text is on one text layer. It's best to create a new layer for each text block/balloon. I assume the lag has something to do with how the text is rendered. If there's a lot of text on one layer and you attempt to edit or add to the text in any way and the program needs to render out the whole layer with each new letter added or edited (though this is just a guess) then it'll lag.

    If you're using EX, here's how I like to do it. In Preferences>Edit Text, make sure that Always Create A New Layer is selected for How To Insert New Text. Selected Text Tool Property should be selected for New Text Property. Line Break is Normal and use Divide with Consecutive Two Line Breaks.

    Copy your script from your word processor and paste it directly into the Story Editor.


    Then use a double return to separate the text that will remain on the page from "stage directions".


    Hold Ctrl while clicking all of the non-page text and delete. From there you can shape the text to something that would fit a balloon.


    You'll be able to change this shape later but I prefer to see the text in a more square/diamond shape when I go back to the page. From there, when you go back to the page you'll see all of the text on the left of your page, separated and ready to be placed and have balloons dropped on.


  • @garlam That's an interesting system. I may need to try that.

    @888toto Yeah. It would be really great if they would update it. I think it may happen now that CSP is really starting to become a lot more popular. Maybe the masses wont put up with it, Or maybe they're waiting until they release Manga Studio 6/CSP 2?

    I haven't tried the ipad version. Is the text tool any different in that?

  • @garlam As far as I can tell... it works the same speed whether all balloons are on one layer or on multiple layers... The slow typing effect is dependent upon the number of letters in the specific balloon/text box you are typing in. It does not matter if you are appending on the ens or inserting at the beginning or somewhere in the middle...all equally slow. However if you paste a large quantity of text (e.g. from MS-Word or anywhere else) then it renders it all almost instantly....It's as though its not listening for keyboard input... but then why would it be fast when it has few words in the box....it's really Weird. Though I can see some merit in using the story editor it is worth noting that the slow typing effect is evident also in the Story Editor .... so it may be better to compose large pieces of text in notepad or word and then paste them.

  • @888toto By balloons I just meant that a balloon of text was the easiest way to separate the text into something small enough to avoid lag. The balloons themselves don't have anything to do with the lag. I don't find pasting large amounts of text into Story Editor instant. I once tried to paste about five pages of script and locked my PC up for about 40 minutes. One page at a time is all I'll risk now.
    I certainly wouldn't suggest using CSP as a word processor. Adding some text to just one page in Story Editor can take forever. But having preferences set to double spacing = new text layer eases things up nicely.

  • @garlam sorry, nothing to add, just appreciating the quotes from "Alien" :-)