Updating Problem

  • This is what happened to me--has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it?

    I had the most recent version of Clip Studio, the darker workspace version that always opened first with a website that offered tips, free materials, and so forth. This version included the animation.

    My computer crashed, so I have reloaded Clip Studio. This time it has loaded the old lighter colored workspace, and the website is gone at the beginning of the session. This version has no animation.

    I ran "Update for Free to the Latest Version" which appears to be 1.7.3, and I got the old version of the program.

    What am I doing wrong?"

  • I found the update did not replace the old version ..it just installed a second instance. You may have the new version but are clicking an icon for the old one. Also I found the last part of the Clip Studio Paint install happened when you first opened Clip Studio ( i.e. the material website thing ). So I suggest you try looking for Clip Studio ( not paint), open that and then open paint from there.